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"Learn the secrets to truly connect with your best friend"

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About Your Next Favorite Dog Trainer

Dakota’s and Tigger’s mission is to help all dogs become the best family member.


Passionate. Patient. Persistent. Pet-lover. These are just a few of the characteristics that describe me. I know each animal is different, and I’ll work with yours to give them the specific guidance they need. Whether you’re thinking about getting a puppy, have a new dog, or already own a dog with behavioral problems, I am here to help.


My Services

It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks, and I believe it’s never too late to train any pet. My services are designed with you and your best friend in mind, and I believe in working as much with you as with your dog. I’m proud of my high success rate and the level of satisfaction my clients, and their pets, come away with every time - guaranteed.



Dog Walking is my most popular service, which I’ve been developing and perfecting since I started DNT Dog Training in 2017. I work closely with each one of my clients and their best friends to implement my proven exercise schedules. I know you have a busy schedule, so I will customize a plan that suits your lifestyle.



My work involves an intimate understanding of your dog’s personality along with their history. Your best friend has plenty of potential to learn and understand commands, and my techniques will lay the foundation for you to build upon. I combine your needs and wants with the natural attributes of your dog.

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Dog Exercise

Professional And Comfortable Services For Your Best Friend While Accommodating Your Lifestyle

Join the DNT pack for exercise while explore the outdoors, and socialization/ . Proper exercise is key to having a happy, calm and well-trained dog. Keep your dog active to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Mind & Nose

Scent & tracking games that enhance sense of smell. Great for boosting confidence in nervous dogs. Also perfect for energetic dogs by draining energy physically and mentally.

(60 min)


Low Intensity Exercise

Great start for dogs getting into shape & older dogs to stay fit.

(30 min + 15 min cooldown)

Medium Intensity Exercise

Aerobic exercise that provides daily physical activity.  

(45 min + 15 min cooldown)

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High Intensity Exercise

Workout with a little extra push helping dogs maintain their peak condition.

(warm up + 60 min + 15 min cooldown)

Strength & Balance

Workouts designed to build muscle and improve stability.

(45 min+ 15 min cooldown)


A healthy diet and exercising every day is important for physical and mental sharpness. 

From toy breeds to giants, all dogs need a daily routine of physical activity. An inactive dog will get lazy and bored which may lead to oversleeping, weight gain, behavioral problems, and overall an unhealthy life. Individual exercise plans to specifically fit the needs and energy level of your dog!

BathrooM break


20-30 min



45-60 min 



90-120 min



4 hours (half day)

day trip

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5-8 hours 

Dog Academy

Educating owners on the proper training techniques leads to a well behaved and socialized dog.

Training Evaluation

Training Evaluation is focuses on understanding your pet within the context of its attitude, background, personality, surroundings, and relationships.  


Personal Training Session

Give your pet a one-on-one training session that caters to their specific needs. DNT starts by developing a detailed understanding and connection with each individual dog. This session uses effective training techniques to educate owners on how to commutate and connect with your dog.

Best Friend Program

This course is ideal for anyone looking to broaden their dog training skills and knowledge. At DNT Dog Training, we will teach you the several training techniques that will help you build the best possible relationship with your pet. 

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A day with DNT

The ultimate training session by joining Dakota and Tigger for a day of fun. 

4-6 hours


Train & Walk

Boosting confidence with socialization and basic leash training. 

60 min


Tricks & Treats

Training session learning essential commands to advanced tricks.

60 min

"Learn the secrets to truly connect with your best friend"

Dakota Saddler


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